There’s a popular Chilean saying:

“Under every stone, there’s a poet/En Chile levantas una piedra y aparece un poeta.”

That’s what we at Landing Press believe — that there are poets everywhere.

We’re a small cooperative press based in Wellington. We focus mainly on poetry.

Our latest book

We launched More of Us in Wellington, on Race Relations Day, 21 March.

46 writers from 29 countries, all now living in New Zealand, award-winning poets and high school students – we don’t think there’s another book like it.

Available here.

More of Us - cover

Our Name

The name Landing Press is a tribute to an early settler family who are the ancestors of this small publishing house. The name comes from The Landing, in the Catlins area of Otago, where the Hayward family settled. They were seafarers who later made their home in Dunedin and became prominent in civic affairs and in education. Like many other settlers in this country, they brought a love of learning and of words.


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